Rising damp

The intervention of chemical barriers in a building is achieved by filling hollow blocks of concrete with premixed mortar, that does not variate in size or matter, siliceous products and chemical additives. The chemical barrier is a liquid arising from silanes in aqueous dispersion. The product has two pre-batched components to be mixed together at the time of use.
Due to its small molecular size, it has a very high level of penetration into the building material capillaries thereafter when dry, forming an irreversible barrier that blocks out water that would then rise to the surface itself. Finishes are completed with a pre-mixture of macropourous low mineral plaster characterised by micro and macro open cells that gives it breath-ability.
It is used to restore walls affected by rising damp and helps speed up the drying of the walls after a chemical barrier intervention.

barriera chimica (1) barriera chimica

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